Aputure Amaran Review


The Aputure Amaran HR672W is the light that your church needs. This light is incredible. I recently purchased one from Film Tools and I was floored upon receiving it. 

It's Remote Controlled

One of the biggest features of this light is the remote control that will change brightness as well as power on/off. This remote can be paired with up to four lights so that you only need a single remote at any given moment. It's a phenomenal purchase for anyone needing a quality light and your having to record yourself in a hurry or your an avid vlogger. In my case, I need it to do tutorials, reviews, and other things that require me to actually be in FRONT of my camera. Channels & groups can be changed on the back of the light to ensure no weirdness/max compatibility when working with other Aputure products. 


It's Bright, Affordable, "Good Light"

It's no secret that Aputure makes quality products and this is no exception. Priced right at $270, you won't find a better light on the market for the money. Budget aside though, these lights can be used in virtually any situation. It's bright and the quality is simply outstanding. 

Vertical or Horizontal

A very random thing to appreciate but this light has a thread to mount to a light stand in two different spots in case you need to turn your light in a different direction. 


Not exactly what you're thinking actually. No Gibson SG's, jumping around the stage or rock and roll. It's just a light. However, despite it's lack of Angus Young, it's battery powered AND comes with a "wall wart". 

What's in the box?

A really nice carrying case
(2) Diffusion Panels (for different white balancing options)
Remote Control
(2) Batteries
Charging Cable / AC Power Cable
A few extra LED's in case of emergency
Mounting Bracket with umbrella mount (really nice of these guys to include)
A ton of stickers. 


I want as many of these lights as I can get my hands on. It's unreal how great of a product this company can put out.  

Zakk MillerComment