Getting a Sony a7Rii in 2019?


A Modern Day Workhorse

At the point of writing this article, the Sony a7Rii has been out for four years and at the rate camera equipment is released, that seems like a long time. I purchase mine at the Best Buy in Baton Rouge Louisiana. It was a random purchase, but not really. I I run a photography business and wanting to start offering videography as an add on or an even as a separate service and the Canon EOS 5diii just wasn't going to cut it. So at the drop of a hat, I purchased the A7Rii and their FE 28mm F/2 lens. I wasn't expecting much. I just knew that for what I needed it for, I could make this camera work. It took me all of an entire 45 minuets to be in complete awe of it. The codec that this camera uses (to claim I'm an expert in codecs by any means) is nothing short of beautiful, and I hadn't even tried the log features yet. 4k is gorgeous. All I really wanted as far as frame rates are concerned was 60FPS, which it does. Very well actually. 


So How's It Hold Up in 2019?

There's an old Ray Boltz titled "The Anchor Holds". I'm a firm believer that Ray was given a glimpse into the future of photography and videography. Actually that has nothing to do with this, and I'm not even sure Ray Boltz even wrote that. Anyway, this camera looks better than any camera I've ever owned, yet looks like a toy. Which makes it really convenient for sneaking it into places without a ton of attention. The small profile is also handy for using a gamble. Balancing a camera this size is an absolute dream. The 1080p is beyond superior to my Canon 5diii and the 6Dii that I had briefly. Sony's way of achieving this is something along the lines of downsizing a much larger video to produce a higher quality, smaller video. This camera has traveled to Orlando, Indianapolis, Houston, Miami, Tampa, Palm Bay, and Columbus Ohio with me. During these trips, it started as just a camera for video, still bringing along the c100ii and the 5Diii. That was slowly brought to an end. I know almost exclusively travel with the a7Rii. I've added a battery grip, 50mm, 85mm, and a MetaBones converter and I honestly feel like I can take far less gear with me now and feel great about what I'm going to get. 


It's Great For Video... and Photo?

As a full time photographer, I have a wide scope of opinions on the camera for photography. On one hand it has a KILLER image. Works AMAZING in low light and that gigantic, 42.2 MP image is nothing short of beautiful. My only concern, and reason for not switching 100%, is that the autofocus is still not quite there. I mean, it works great with a native lens, but the second you adapt, it can become chaos. Another gripe with the autofocus is that if I'm using an auto mode, it is a little more difficult to manually select the focal point I want quickly. Other than that, I'm getting very close to switching completely.

Alright, Enough With The Good Stuff. 

So, I've worked this camera up, so I guess it's time to talk about the things I'm NOT a fan of. I've mentioned the auto-focus already. The second thing I'm not really crazy about is the image quality on the back of the screen. I feel like they cut the budget in that department. It's a bit lack luster. Don't be surprised if you shoot with this camera and you feel like it looks like crap, only to put it in your computer and realize it's a masterpiece.

The battery life is still in need of some work. There's so many features in this camera that the batteries just can't keep up. If you get this camera, buy a ton of extras. You'll need them. 

The menus are cumbersome, but very Sony-esk. This was expected.


Overall, It's a Winner.

I'm currently shooting an a 5Diii, c100ii with duel pixel AF, and various GoPros/Drones. When using this camera in it's "lane", I've realized that it will out perform any of them. It's 2019, and I can honestly say that this camera is more than enough for me. I highly recommend it, even in 2019.

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